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Guitar #1303 details

Owner: Bill
Date stolen 01-01-1988
City/State/Zip Lansing MI, 48823
Guitar specs
Year: 79
Brand: Gibson
Model: SG
Color: Black/Ebony
Type: Guitar
Style: unknown
Orientation: Right
Strings: 6
Fretboard: Rosewood/dot inlay
Serial # 80210062
Proof of ownership? No, I do not have documented proof of my ownership of this guitar.
Reward I dunno. $2000? I'd basically buy it from you, as I doubt you stole it.
Description It an SG-R1. It has standard SG controls, but it had an extra bright switch, and the tone controls were active bass and treble. Any rocker would have ripped that stuff out long ago - but it'll be the only SG you've ever seen with five holes where there are usually only four - two volume and two tone. I guess you would make that six holes instead of five if you include the pickup selector. Stock this guitar had no pick guard either, completely black.
Case Description The case was actually an EB Bass case (bass guitar with SG body)

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